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Milestone Seed has a full line up of pasture, native and special grass seed mixes. Whether you are looking for high nutritional value for livestock or big game or low maintenance varieties that are ideal for re-vegetation and erosion control, we have the perfect solutions.

  • Low maintenance grasses
  • High nutritional grasses
  • Wildfire protection grasses
  • Erosion control grasses
  • Rangeland weed prevention grasses
  • Temperature, alkali and drought tolerant grasses
  • Nitrogen producing grasses and clovers

Ask us about the several varieties that are best for high quality feed adapted your area and challenging conditions. We have specific livestock, big game and equestrian grass seed mixes that yield fantastic nutritional value year after year.

We can advise you on the best anchor grasses that are specially adapted to Western U.S. conditions that can effectively control and prevent the establishment of invasive annual rangeland weeds such as cheatgrass and provide green stripping to control the spread of rangeland fires.

Milestone Seed finds you the perfect species of wheat or orchard grasses, bromes, fescues, clovers and more to match you specific need.